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Our range of speciality belts are unique in their construction and unique in their application. We supply speciality drive belts which are built for specific purposes including drying cans, emergency replacement drive belts, conveyor systems, and bowling machine ball lifts.

Use our unique belt matching service by searching your speciality drive belt part number. Or, get in touch with one of our drive belt experts through our online chat. We will match you with the perfect fitting speciality drive belt from a database of 600,000+ spare parts references to power your drive system for longer.

Timken is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality drive belts for a wide range of applications. In addition to their standard banded belts, Timken also produces several specialty drive belts designed to meet the unique requirements of specific industries or applications.

One of these specialty belts is the Dry Can drive belt, which is used in the paper and packaging industry to drive the drying cylinders in paper machines. These belts are made of a special high-temperature rubber compound that can withstand the extreme temperatures and humidity levels present in paper machines. The Dry Can belt features a flat surface that provides a consistent contact area with the pulleys, resulting in a more efficient power transfer and longer belt life.

Another specialty belt produced by Timken is the Round Drive belt, which is used in a variety of applications, including agricultural machinery, conveyors, and woodworking equipment. These belts are made of high-strength materials and feature a circular cross-section that allows for smooth operation and improved power transmission efficiency.

Thoro-Twist belts are another specialty belt produced by Timken, designed for use in industrial power transmission and material handling applications. These belts are made of a unique, twist-resistant material that provides improved resistance to shock loads and minimizes belt stretch over time. Thoro-Twist belts are ideal for applications that require high power transmission efficiency and long belt life.

Overall, Timken's specialty drive belts are designed to meet the unique needs of specific industries and applications, and are engineered for optimal performance and longevity. The Dry Can drive belt, Round Drive belt, and Thoro-Twist belt are just a few examples of the many specialty belts produced by Timken, each designed to provide the most efficient and reliable power transmission solution for their intended application.

Dry Can, Thoro-Twist and Round Drive Belts

Here at The Belt Doctor we strive to offer the most comprehensive service which includes offering a product selection more expansive than any other site. We stock over 100,000 drive belts in our UK warehouse year round, only rarely going under as we are constantly recieving pallets of belts from Timken. Moreover, we have an excellent supplier network in which we are able to source drive belts from them too. So, if you don't find your desired specialist belt like a round belt then don't worry, simply contact us via: email or phone us and we will do our best to source a belt as quickly as possible.

Dry Can Belts are a very specific belt and we know how important it is to recieve the belt you require to avoid damage to machinery, wear of the belt and ultimately wasting money. So, have a look around the site, see if we stock the required drive belt. However, if you are unable to find it, as mentioned above just contact our friendly and helpful team.

Our team is trained and educated on a variety of drive belts, even ones that are less common. We do our best to find the belt you want but if we dont have it in stock or we can not source it, we can always recommend a drive belt which could work in it's place. We do our best to go the extra mile to help our customers, so we can be your one stop shop for all things drive belt related!

Thoro-Twist drive belts also known as Power Twist drive belts are another fantastic product that we offer which is specifically designed for as stated by Timken themselves: "PowerTwist Drive® link belting is a perfect candidate for drives that have no take-up adjustment capability or for use as an emergency replacement belt. It can be assembled by hand and rolled onto the drive just like a bicycle chain. PowerTwist Drive link belting has the same cross-section dimensions as traditional rubber belts and can be installed on existing sheaves with no changes in setup."

Round drive belts are the final ones we have on the site, however, do not hesitate on contacting us if you require a different drive belt as we can source that belt for you, whether from the UK, US, Europe or even Asia if that is what is needed. Timken state the following regarding the round drive belt "Round belts are a high performance solution for conveyors, quarter-turn, twisted, and serpentine drives. Our round belts feature a no-splice construction for added durability with minimal stretch for minimum take-up requirements." (click here for more details). These belts come in two main width options, 7/16" and 9/16" spanning a huge length range of 70 inches to 762 inches. So, no matter the application requirements we are able to help with high quality Timken drive belts or we can search for your belt specifications if we don't stock it. Alternatively, upon request, we can ask a manufacturer to make your belt for you. Not bad, right?

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